Basketball Scholarship in Kent

University of Kent Basketball Scholarship – A First ever Basketball Scholarship in Kent:

Kent Panthers (previously Kent Tigers) are pleased to announce the first-of-its-kind Basketball Scholarship for aspiring basketball players wishing to study in Kent. The news come as a very welcoming announcement to an area of the country that has been known for producing talented basketball players. Through this partnership, we are able to offer elite talent the opportunity to pursue higher education while continuing their development in Kent. This will help support the growth of Kent basketball by keeping talented players in the county.

A Collaboration between the University of Kent and Kent Panthers:

The University of Kent and Kent Panthers have reached an agreement to launch the scholarship that will serve University of Kent students and while this is the principle agreement, the collaboration will also bring about new opportunities for grassroots basketball players in providing camps out of the University campus. Both entities have decided to invest in the grassroots to develop the sport outside of the scholarship program which in turn will enhance the opportunities for those less fortunate to have the opportunity to attend university with the support of a Basketball Scholarship.


We believe in the importance of the support higher education can offer to help the growth, development and progress of Basketball. By developing the University infrastructure, we are able to fund our elite talent and facilitate their transition into adult basketball. We envision to establish the program to a level where we can compete with the premier Universities up and down the country.

Key Benefits and Prime Features of the Scholarship:

Students who get accepted the scholarship will enjoy the following perks:

  • Kent Sports Membership: Each scholar will be given a Premium Plus membership of Kent Sport. 
  • Strength and Conditioning: Kent Sport’s instructors and trainers will supervise exclusive training sessions for the scholars. 
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation: Injuries are part of the sport. Often, players get injured and deserve to be looked after well. To ensure that, Scholars will be offered physiotherapy sessions and Rehabilitation programs to help with their recovery. 
  • Financial Support: Scholarships would include financial bonuses of about £1000 per year. Moreover, scholars will be eligible for further bonuses and additional earnings depending on their performances during the season.

Dates and Eligibility:

Anyone above the age of 18 who wants to pursue a basketball career can apply for the Basketball Scholarship at the University of Kent.

Admission Applications:

The admission applications for the 2023/24 is OPEN! Existing students are welcome to apply.

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