Are you ready to connect your brand with a rapidly growing, community-driven and highly successful sports entity in Kent? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you!

The Kent Panthers Basketball Club is not only a leading sports club but also a hub of community engagement and development. Established in 2019 by NBA draft pick Ryan Richards, the club has grown exponentially, with over 500 active members participating across all levels.

The Panthers’ commitment to excellence is evident in our achievements. Our U14 and U16 teams were victorious in their leagues during the 2022/23 season, with the U14 team going unbeaten. The U14 Academy team is now promoted to the highest level of U14 basketball in the UK, the NBL Premier, while the U16 Academy team has advanced to the Conference level.

But our success reaches beyond the court. Our registered charity, the Kent Panthers Foundation, drives our charitable projects and events, enhancing our contribution to the community. We also offer Kent’s only Basketball Scholarship, in partnership with the University of Kent.

By sponsoring the Kent Panthers, your brand will be associated not only with the excitement and competitive spirit of elite basketball, but also with our commitment to the community and education. We believe in a partnership that yields mutual benefits, providing your brand with exposure during our summer European competitions, our regular local games, and through all our media channels.

To join us on this exciting journey, and to help us drive the club to even greater heights, please contact us via email at We look forward to discussing potential sponsorship opportunities and customising a partnership that fits your business objectives.

Connect with the Kent Panthers, align with our ethos “Respect All, Fear None”, and let’s create a brighter future for basketball, together!