Daniel James Joins Kent Panthers: Fresh Chapter Promises New Heights

A Groundbreaking Signing

In a compelling narrative of unwavering ambition and dedication, the Kent Panthers Basketball Club proudly announced the signing of the renowned coach, Daniel James, as the new Head Coach of their Men’s National League Division 3 team. This major appointment, a significant milestone in the club’s ongoing journey, signals the start of an exciting new chapter promising fresh perspectives and a reinforced commitment to excellence.

The Inspiring Journey of Daniel James

Daniel James‘s journey in basketball paints an inspirational story, marked by relentless commitment, unparalleled skill, and an enduring passion for the game. From his formative years at Sheffield Junior Sharks, culminating in representing England in the U18s FIBA European Championships, James has consistently demonstrated his mettle on the court.

Recognising his exceptional talent, he was awarded a Full Basketball Scholarship at the NCAA D1 programme at Monmouth University. Here, he benefitted from the mentorship of luminaries of the sport, including Los Angeles Lakers Assistant Coach Phil Handy, Reyer Venezia Head Coach Neven Spahija and Skill Development Trainer Chris Johnson. These experiences have been instrumental in shaping James’s coaching philosophy, resulting in a unique and innovative training style that sets him apart.

Daniel James with the London Lions coaching team winning the BBL Cup 2023
Daniel James with the London Lions coaching team winning the BBL Cup 2023

In the professional arena, James’s impressive credentials include a critical role as an assistant coach during the 2022/23 season with the Eurocup/BBL team, the London Lions. The exposure to this level of competition allowed him to further hone his coaching acumen, ensuring that his values and style align with a foundation of basketball development.

Moreover, his journey also took him to the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), serving as the Director of Player Development for esteemed teams such as the Shanghai Sharks, Liaoning Flying Leopards, and Guangzhou Long Lions. This has provided him with invaluable insights into player development at the highest echelons of the sport.

Back in the USA, James significantly impacted a renowned Prep School, bringing a diverse and well-rounded approach to his coaching portfolio. This rich background has enriched James’s coaching style, ensuring a comprehensive, global perspective to player development.

A New Era for Kent Panthers

James’s signing represents a strategic move towards realising the Kent Panthers’ vision to become a beacon in British basketball. The appointment brings together not just his technical expertise and commitment to player development, but also reunites him with Sten Mayunga, the General Manager of Kent Panthers, following their previous stint together at the London Lions in 2022.

Daniel James working with NBA Champion Tristan Thompson
Daniel James working with NBA Champion Tristan Thompson

Upon signing with the Panthers, James expressed his anticipation for what lies ahead. “Joining the Kent Panthers, a club that shares my passion and vision for basketball, is truly exciting. I look forward to using my experiences to drive the team forward and foster a winning culture.”

Sten Mayunga shared his delight at the appointment, noting, “Daniel’s comprehensive approach to player development, steeped in his rich experiences from various international leagues, will inject a fresh perspective into our coaching. His appointment strengthens our resolve to set a robust foundation for our Men’s National League Division 3 team.”

With all senior league titles secured in the previous season and a vision set on dominating British basketball, the addition of Daniel James to the Kent Panthers’ coaching staff is undoubtedly a significant move towards realising this ambition.

As the Panthers prepare for their new chapter with James at the helm, they are gearing up for an exhilarating season ahead. With a renewed spirit, shared vision, and a roar that echoes across British basketball, the Kent Panthers are poised to dominate the court. James’s final words capture this spirit perfectly, “This is an exciting journey we’re embarking on, and I can’t wait to hit the ground running with this talented squad. ‘Respect all, fear none’ – that’s our motto. I believe in it, and I’m excited to bring it to life with the Kent Panthers.”