Kent Panthers enter transformative partnership with Lokkaroom

Kent Panthers supporters now have a unique way to connect with their club, as the club launches its own Lokkaroom.

Having won all senior local leagues in their area during 2022/23 season, including those of the recently acquired Kent Tigers, and boasting a thriving youth programme, Kent Panthers are now partnering with TMA Sport to deliver products, activities, and rewards that elevate their fan experience to unprecedented levels.

Launching in July 2023, the Kent Panthers Lokkaroom will offer an integrated, immersive digital experience; providing digital ticketing, physical merchandise, exclusive fan rewards, collectibles (NFTs), and live votes. Additional features such as global membership programmes, fractional ownership, and members-only auctions are expected to be introduced at a later date.

Offering a deeper way to connect, engage, and support the club, on and off the court, the Kent Panthers premium membership programme provides fans with exclusive access to a members-only lounge, filled with unseen content and perks.

Alongside memberships, the Kent Panthers will also be launching a series of digital collections, giving friends, family, fans and speculators the opportunity to own and trade collectibles of their favourite players, highlight moments and pieces of club history.

Another feature available is live voting – giving fans the platform to participate in the club’s major discussions throughout the 2023/24 season.

Powered by Hedera– one of the most advanced, secure, and carbon-negative decentralised ledgers – Lokkaroom provides a central hub for fans to access exclusive content, earn rewards, collect their favourite players and vote on the club’s key talking points.

Join the Kent Panthers Lokkaroom for free.