Junior/Academy Teams

Player Development

Our coaching staff conducts regular assessments of players to determine their readiness for advancement. The basketball journey in our program begins at the community hub level for newcomers to the sport. As players develop their skills, they progress to our development hubs, and eventually to our NBL academy teams, who compete at the highest level of youth basketball in England.


Our academy and development teams train twice a week and participate in competitive NBL matches on weekends. Meanwhile, our community hubs hold weekly practice sessions at various locations across Kent, including Ashford, Dartford, Rochester, and Maidstone.






Our coaches emphasise the importance of teamwork and instil core team values, encouraging players to collaborate and support each other in pursuit of collective goals. Whilst focusing on each player’s personal development, we also impart crucial teamwork and motivational skills, which are essential elements of modern basketball.

High Quality

We exclusively engage highly skilled and experienced coaching staff. Our lead coaches possess not only several years of playing experience, but some have also competed at the highest levels in Europe and the NBA. The coaching staff form the backbone of our junior program, with a focus on nurturing players both individually and as cohesive team members.

Training Hours Per Week

About Kent Panthers Junior Teams

The Kent Panthers Basketball Club, an elite and community-focused organisation in Kent, England, has made notable strides in the National Basketball League’s junior divisions. Established in 2019, the club’s growth has been significantly propelled by Ryan Richards, an ex-NBA draftee. With a membership that has grown from 100 to over 400 players, the club spans age groups from under-12s boys & girls to seniors. The Panthers NBL junior teams highlight the club’s commitment to developing young talent, offering competitive experiences that blend professional expertise with youthful energy. The club’s efforts extend beyond the court, aiming to foster community spirit and provide constructive activities for youth, particularly in underprivileged areas.

The Panthers junior teams participate in various levels of competition, including local leagues and development sessions in areas like Dartford, Tunbridge Wells, and Ashford. These sessions are tailored to be fun and inclusive while providing clear progression routes to the club’s NBL teams which play in the highest level of competition in England. Our club’s efforts have been recognised with charity status for their community work, as we continue to expand our reach to new areas of Kent.

Join Our Community Hubs

Our Community Hubs are great place to start your Panthers Journey, Our community hubs take place in Ashford, Crayford (Dartford), Maidstone and more towns across Kent

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NBL is the highest level of youth basketball in England

NBL Achievements 2022-23 Season

Under 12’s – NBL Conference Runners Up (Second Place)

Under 14’s – NBL Conference Runners Up (Second Place)

Under 16’s – NBL Regional Champions (First Place)

Ryan Richards

Head of programme

NBA Draft Pick, San Antonio Spurs.


Head of youth

30 + years of basketball experience, coaching and operations.

Holly Burns

Senior Administrator

Holly administers our junior programme and has several years experience working within the Kent Panthers organisation.

Kent Panthers Welcome

We look forward to welcoming you into our Panthers family, where we aim to enhance your basketball skills and personal development both on and off the court.