Lee Westbrook

Club Director


Lee Westbrook is a key figure in the British basketball scene, particularly known for his involvement with the Kent Panthers Basketball Club. He co-founded the club alongside Ryan Richards, a former NBA draft pick. The Kent Panthers, established in 2019, are based in South East England and have quickly garnered a reputation as a premier basketball club with a significant community focus. Their mission is to offer a complete development pathway for young athletes, ranging from under-4s to the senior level, fostering both sportsmanship and camaraderie.

In addition to his role with the Kent Panthers, Westbrook has held significant positions within the organisation. He has been a Director at Kent Panthers Basketball Club Ltd since February 2023. Previously, Westbrook was a Local Government Officer at Kent County Council, indicating his deep commitment to public service and community development. This background in local government likely contributes to his effective leadership and community engagement strategies at the Kent Panthers.

The club, which acts as an extension of the existing Maidstone Panthers, founded in 2016, focuses on introducing new players to basketball and developing them into organised community teams. Under Westbrook’s leadership, the Kent Panthers have broadened their objectives, aspiring to develop elite talent and compete at higher levels, including junior national leagues.

Lee Westbrook’s involvement in the Kent Panthers Basketball Club represents a significant contribution to the growth and development of basketball in the Kent region. His dedication to fostering a spirit of inclusion, skill development, and community engagement within the sport is evident in the club’s achievements and vision

Contact Info

Phone : (+44) 7796716253
Email : Lee.Westbrook@kentpanthers.com